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Goruk of Herman Kloot and Company admitted to Bar


There was an air of celebration Thursday at the Drumheller courthouse as Student at Law, Jared Goruk, was admitted to the Alberta Bar Association.

Goruk has been articling at the local firm Herman Kloot and Company. Bill Herman who was his principal, made his application to the court for Goruk’s admission in front of Justice R.A. Neufeld on Thursday, June 21.

Goruk graduated from the University of Leicester with Bachelor of Law in 2013, and  Masters of Law Degree from the University of Alberta in 2014. Prior to studying law, he graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education and worked professionally as an educator.

He completed his coursework in April of this year to be eligible to enter the Bar.

Goruk has volunteered and worked with the Elizabeth Fry Society and volunteered with Student Legal Services and Pro Bono Students Canada while studying.

Justice Neufeld told the courtroom filled with family friends and the legal community in Drumheller, that it is Mr. Goruk’s diverse experience that will make him a successful lawyer.

Goruk expressed appreciation for all the support from his family that he received while he pursued his profession, especially his mother who inspired his lifelong pursuit of learning. She passed away in 2016 before she could see him admitted to the bar.

Mr. Goruk intends to continue working with Herman Kloot and Company.

Article Courtesy of The Drumheller Mail

New lawyer joins Herman, Kloot and Company


Herman, Kloot, & Company welcomed a new associate in the firm last week.

On Monday, March 4, André Wilkins, a native to South Africa began his first day as a lawyer in Drumheller.

In the short time he has been here, he has seen much of Drumheller and is looking forward to the opportunities it brings.

“It was a great opportunity to further my career,” said Wilkins. “I’ve met some of the realtors. I already knew Colin here at the firm, so it wasn’t as though I didn’t know anyone. I met the other lawyers in town and they’ve really made me feel welcome.”

However, his family stayed behind in Saskatchewan so his eldest daughter can finish high school.

“I’m just waiting on my family to join me. My daughter is 18 and just finishing high school, so it made no sense for her to move just yet. My family will be coming down in June,” said Wilkins.

Article Courtesy of The Drumheller Mail

Drumheller law firm rebranded

Long time Drumheller legal firm Ross, Todd and Company, is about to undergo a name change.
Herman, Kloot and Company will be the new name of the firm as of February 1, 2010.
“The name change reflects the changes in our firm,” partner Colin Kloot told The Mail. “Bill Herman and myself are partners in the firm and want to note as well that our associate, Sharon Clark, will continue with our office.”
Bill Herman, who grew up in East Coulee, has been with the firm since 1979. He articled with the firm and entered the bar in Drumheller in 1980. He has been a partner for many years.
Colin Kloot began his law practice in South Africa in 1980. He started with Ross, Todd and Company in 1999, and became a partner in 2001.
Kloot says Doug Todd has not been with the firm for about seven years, and currently operates a separate practice in Hanna. Bob Ross retired as a partner about three years ago, but will remain with the firm.
“He (Ross) has elected to spend more time travelling, pursuing personal interests, but he continues to be of service to his clients,” said Kloot.
Sharon Clark continues her long-standing career with the firm working as an associate in general practice and litigation, and specializes in family law.
The office is a standing agent for the Director of Public Prosecutions and prosecutes drug matters. Kloot is also the Town of Drumheller’s solicitor. The firm will continue to operate a general varied practice, including areas of civil, family, corporate and defense law.

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